Support Team

Whilst Tim and I are doing the walking, we also have a brilliant support team, without whom the required training and charity fundraising just would not happen. Tim and I would just like to say a couple of words to publicly thank the following people:

Jane and Lesley, our wives – both have been incredibly supportive throughout. We recognise and appreciate that they will worry when we are away, particularly on the many days when out of radio communication. Thank You x.

Witchford Team – As part of the expedition, we are holding a number of events to raise money for EACH and Arthur Rank.  Mel Haddow, Jo Peacock, Carolyn Sellers, Sarah-Jane West and Helen Williamson have all played a huge part in these activities. Thank you ladies.

The Atrium – Quite simply, without Jess, Grace, Josh, Kieran, Stephen and Matt, we would be nowhere near fit enough to complete this expedition. All six of these wonderful people from the Atrium Club in Ely have gone way above and beyond helping us along our way.

Publicity – The fundraising will only work if we can get enough people supporting us. Luckily we have our very own graphic artist, the incredible Robin Howlett. Robin has been a star when it comes to the graphics.

International Fundraising – The use of Twitter has introduced a myriad of fabulous people, not least Rachael Tandon, who is leading fundraising initiatives (and basically getting lots of celebs to support us), from her home in Geneva.

We really can’t thank you all enough for supporting two daft blokes.

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