Sunday 20th October Lukla to Phakding

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

Height   2850m

Weather – Warm, but cloudy

The plan today was to head for the airport about 11am for a 12.30pm flight. Being Nepal, that didn’t quite go to plan, and instead we flew about 3pm, arriving in Lukla just before 4pm, by which time it was starting to get dusk. We were lucky though – we got the last flight out before the clouds rolled in and flights were cancelled.

The flight is often regarded as the most dangerous in the world, with an airstrip that allows only one attempt at landing (sheer cliffs at each end). We had heard that the ride was a bit like a roller coaster. In reality though it was pleasant and smooth, with a pretty gentle landing.

Within minutes of the start of our walk night fell like a stone. For all the planning we had done, we had not anticipated trekking in the dark. At this stage, close your eyes and imagine walking across a long, swaying suspension bridge, with torrential waters bubbling below your feet. Imagine you have no idea how far the drop to the river is, but know that it would be an unhealthy drop. Imagine your small headlight highlighting the occasional gap in the floor of the suspension bridge – welcome to the Himalayas.


We don't recall monkeys at Heathrow

We don’t recall monkeys at Heathrow

L1090209 L1090215 L1090220 L1090226 L1090230 L1090235 L1090238

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