Still in Lukla

Keith and Tim are still at Lukla, unable to fly back to Kathmandu because of poor weather conditions. It looks like they have options for flights out tomorrow though (either by plane or helicopter) IF the weather improves, so keep your fingers crossed for them. Lukla is full of other trekkers in the same position and although they have a room, they are really looking forward to getting to a more comfortable place (especially one with the prospect of a warm shower!).

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2 Responses to Still in Lukla

  1. gallois says:

    chin up boys thinking of you mum dad

  2. Brian Watson says:

    I have a pair of “before and after” photos that were taken either side of the Kathmandu to Lukla flight. An interesting change of demeanour on the faces of the passengers. Basically, the flight OUT of Lukla involves cranking the plane’s engines up to full, then belting down a ramp at full speed to take off. Great fun if you are in the mood for it!

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