The World’s Full Of Nice People

We never cease to be amazed by the wonderful people that are supporting the expedition and two charities.  The people coming forward are certainly restoring our faith in humanity.

Here’s just a few we have interacted with over the last couple of weeks.

Amanda O’Neill – a lady we have never met before turns up and delivers to Keith’s doorstep a basket of seasonal goodies to sell at next weeks party.  Incredible (and looks delicious). Check them Amanda’s company out at

Sue – A lady from Nidderdale, just back from the Himalayas telephoned to give us plenty of advice and invite Tim and Keith to her and her husbands home to do some hill walking.

Rachael – a lady from Geneva, who continues to do loads of promotional stuff for us and is clearly such a nice lady.

Kerri – a female wall of death rider who wants to do a show for us.

The Atrium Club, Ely – Everyone there to be honest, management, staff and members, who are supporting us with training, fund-raising and lots of enthusiastic support. A credit to Ely.

The list goes on.  In a week full of such appalling news, it is fabulous to see that the world is also full of superb people.

Thank You

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1 Response to The World’s Full Of Nice People

  1. Thank you for this! If we spent more time promoting and publicizing the good things going on around us, as opposed to the 24/7 broadcasts of endless horrors, maybe we’d have a more positive world in general.

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