Everest Journal – Chapter Three – Trekking For Charity

Everest Journal – Chapter Three

Trekking For Charity

Right from the get go, Tim and I decided that if we were to push our bodies to the limits, then we really ought to do some good whilst at it. We looked closely at some of the organised charity treks available. The idea behind these is that an initial amount is paid up-front and then a further minimum amount needs to be raised by self-funding and sponsorship. For Everest the minimum amount is usually around £3500- £4000, with about 45% of this going towards costs and the remainder to the charity. Anything above the minimum amount is donated to the charity. It is a great way for charities to raise money.

Us being us, we have decided to do it a bit differently. We have discovered a great company called Private Himalaya. Their whole set up, both in the UK and Nepal appears to be top notch. Importantly for us is that they have a good medical surveillance service (daily blood pressure and oxygen level checks), their costs are lower, and we have also been able to pick our own travel dates. Rather than a couple of thousands of £ or so for each charity, we have instead set a target of £10,000 divided evenly between our two chosen charities. It is a hefty target, but for the causes we are raising money for, it is worth it. In terms of paying for the expedition, we are hoping that the business community might pick some of this up in return for a unique and excellent advertising opportunity, the remainder we will fund ourselves. Most importantly, this means that EVERY penny donated by the general public and by friends and family will go straight to our nominated charities.

We have chosen to raise money for two fantastic local charities. Tim is raising money for the Arthur Rank hospice in Cambridge:

Here are Tim’s own words about Arthur Rank:

“The charity I have chosen is Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge. I have chosen this because it is a local charity and know many people who have been helped by the services that they provide. My wife worked at Arthur Rank a few years ago and is now a local community nurse and has close contact with unit through her work..

Arthur Rank Hospice relies almost entirely on the generosity of the public to provide both symptom management  and end of life care in the in-patient unit, and support and help to people with life limiting illness and their families in the community too. The Hospice also provides education and advice to GPs and other health care professionals in the Cambridgeshire area. Without donations the Hospice would be unable to continue to provide such an amazing service.”

More details about the Arthur Rank Hospice Charity can be found at www.arhc.org.uk/

A JustGiving account for Arthur Rank is being set up and will be available shortly.

I have chosen to raise money for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices.

EACH provides care and support to life-threatened children and their families across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. EACH delivers a range of services which includes: short break care, specialist play activities, music therapy, hydrotherapy, parent groups, sibling groups, care at end of life and bereavement support for all family members.

The charity provides care and support wherever the family wishes – in their own home, in hospital or at one of our hospices in Ipswich, Milton or Quidenham.The children and young people EACH care for may have been born with a genetic disorder, have a problem with the development of one or more of their body’s systems, had an accident at birth or later in life, have organ failure or suffer from cancer. The charity cares for those aged from birth up until their 19th birthday, as well as for family members.

EACH needs to raise £4.8 million in donations to deliver their services this year. This amounts to £13,000 a day, every day of the year. The majority of EACH’s costs are not for specialist equipment but for delivering the specialist one-to-one nursing and supportive care so vital to the children, young people and their families.

For more information visit: www.each.org.uk or call Colchester on: 01206 848450, Ipswich on: (01473) 237243, Quidenham on: (01953) 715559 or Milton on: (01223) 205180.

If you would like to donate to EACH, we have set up a Just Giving page, which can be found here: www.justgiving.com/elytoeverest    .

Both charities do wonderful work and Tim and I feel more than honoured to be helping in even a small way.

So, how can YOU help? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Show your support by donating to our Just Giving sites. Remember that every penny raised goes to the charity. A small % is taken off by the Just Giving people for their costs, but this is offset by the Gift Aid donation if you are a UK taxpayer. None of this amount goes to expedition costs.

2) If as an individual or business you would like to be associated with the expedition via sponsorship possibilities then please get in touch at k.gallois@btinternet.com . We can help you get full promotional value out of any help you can give.

3) Do some fund-raising yourself for Arthur Rank or EACH. Both websites give details about fundraising ideas, and we are sure they would love to hear from you.

4) Spread the word, not just about the expedition, but about the great work that Arthur Rank and EACH do.


Keith Gallois

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2 Responses to Everest Journal – Chapter Three – Trekking For Charity

  1. Kathryn says:

    Wonderufl! I look forward to following your journey and I wish you all the very best.

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